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Annamaria Thomas

2021 Southern Midwest Cover Miss United States Agriculture

"This pageant has helped me reach out to various people and teach them about the expansive world of Agriculture. I love showing people everything it has to offer and helping them find their passion in life they might have never known"


Karissa Ellington 

2021 North Carolina Mrs. United States Agriculture

“Participating in this organization has already helped myself gain confidence as a person and as a leader. I love being able to talk about my passion for agriculture to others! Our crown and sash give us the opportunity to start a conversation! Being able to met new people and network as opened my eyes to so many different avenues within this incredible industry.”


Brittany Anderson

2021 California Miss United States Agriculture

“Joining the organization has brought so much light into my life by allowing me to have the opportunity to meet amazing people within the industry, giving me confidence to advocate for myself and the industry all while sharing my passion for agriculture! I am so blessed to be able to have this platform to be able to bring light to agriculture and serve my community!”