Meet your 2020 National Miss United States Agriculture

Your 2020 National Miss Untied States Agriculture is Shelby Kirton! She is the 20-year-old daughter of Dudley and Cheryl Kirton of Okeechobee Florida. She just recently graduated from The University of Florida with a bachelor’s in animal science with a minor in agribusiness. In the fall, Shelby will be attending graduate school at Oklahoma State University to attain a degree in agriculture communications. Shelby is a fourth-generation cattle rancher and Brahman producer. Throughout her reign, she hopes to continue her passion of educating and advocating for the Agriculture industry.

Get to know Shelby more by reading her National Q & A!

What is your favorite memory when you were the 2020 Central Florida Miss United States Agriculture? “I was fortunate to be able to donate my old prom dresses to a local thrift store that supports the Okeechobee women’s pregnancy center.”

What was your favorite portion of competition at the 2020 National Pageant?

“My favorite portion at Nationals was the State Fun Fashion because I got to showcase Florida’s state flower the orange blossom.”

Why did you participate in the Miss United States Agriculture Program?

“While at the University of Florida, I was able to participate in many activities that promoted the agriculture industry. I developed a passion for this and felt I could use this title to promote that platform.”

What is one of your goals as the National Miss United States Agriculture?

“I’m moving to Oklahoma in the Fall and I’m exciting to learn about their agriculture industries and promote it on a national level.”

What event do you look forward to attending as the National Miss United States Agriculture?

“The Houston Livestock and Rodeo”

What is your favorite food?

“A Steak”

What is your favorite color?


If you could vacation anywhere where would you like to go?

“I’ve always had a dream of going to Paris and France to experience their culture, visit popular land marks and shop.”

Who is your agriculture role model and why?

“My agriculture role model is Matt Pearce. He was the 2019-2020 Florida Cattlemen’s President. He is a 5th generation cattle rancher from my hometown of Okeechobee. His dedication to the agriculture industry inspires me in my future role as National Miss United States Agriculture.”

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

“After Graduating with my Master’s in Agriculture Communications from Oklahoma State University I hope to get my dream job would be working for Purina Animal Nutrition in their marketing department.”

Congratulations again, Shleby Kirton!

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