Meet your 2020 National Teen Miss United States Agriculture

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Maya Hufman, who was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, has always had a passion for agriculture. Her mother was raised in a farm family, and when Maya’s family moved from Nevada to Missouri five years ago, she was able to explore agriculture through 4-H and other experiences. She started raising animals to help provide an Easter petting zoo for her church. She has raised chickens, ducks, rabbits, and Red Angus cattle. She has been named a champion showman and herdsman in competitions, winning honors at the Missouri State Fair, the Ozark Empire Fair, and the Green County 4-H Fair, among others. She used her Greene County, MO Teen Miss United States Agriculture and Missouri Teen United States Agriculture to work with children, students, and adults, as well as having discussions with state leaders. Her dream is to start a working cattle ranch that will host summer camps for foster children and provide job training and agricultural skills for teenagers aging out of the foster system. She has written a business plan that won an award in a local competition and, after college, she hopes to put that dream into action.

At the national pageant Maya drove 17 hours with her mom to meet fellow state queens and compete for the national scholarship and title. Maya not only won a $1000 scholarship but also won overall Interview, and On-Stage Question. Learn more about Maya below!

What is your favorite memory when you were the 2020 Missouri Teen Miss United States Agriculture?

  • Majority of my 2020 Missouri teen Miss United States agriculture reign was spent under a stay at home order. I did however get the chance to mentor people in urban agriculture like gardening and raising chickens.

What was your favorite portion of competition at the 2020 National Pageant?

  • Interview was my favorite part of the competition. In interview you get the chance to show your personality and passion, as well as talk with the judges about agriculture. 

Why did you participate in the Miss United States Agriculture Program? 

  • I joined this program because I thought it would be fun, and give me a platform to advocate for agriculture. 

What is one of your goals as the National Miss United States Agriculture?

  • On of my goals as a national queen is to start a podcast based on agriculture all over the nation. 

What event do you look forward attending as the National Teen Miss United States Agriculture? 

  • I want to attend the Fort Worth Stock Show!

What is your favorite food? 

  • Empanadas

What is your favorite color?

  • Purple, the color of champions

If you could vacation anywhere where would you like to go?

  • I would vacation in Europe and visit lots of castles and palaces

Who is your agriculture role model and why? 

  • Temple Grandin is one of my agriculture role models. She Is just awesome and inspiring. She set out to change the beef industry and she did and she continues to.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

  • My goal in life is to be a good person, inspiring, and set an example to those around me. As well as start a ranch that gives foster kids somewhere to go after they age out of the system, as well as a safe environment to learn life, work, and agricultural skills. And become a lobbyist. 

For more information regarding the Teen Miss United States Agriculture program or to compete please email!

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